Excellence in charging Electric Vehicles

La società develops, produces and markets high technological value charging towers for electric vehicles (EV). It also offers an innovative mobile Yess App application in the IoT field. The YESS brand stands for Your Easy Safety Source.

Our solutions help reduce atmospheric pollution, ensure high security, control and innovative user services.

Yess makes your business grow!

Yess! Making a difference

“Electric car development was born from a need to find green mobility, and environmental protection alternatives.”

Why Yess?

For many manufacturers, the charging tower is just HW and only used to charge electric vehicles.

For YESS it is different.

A product for every need

YESS towers are patented and unique.

They have a pleasant and functional design. They were developed to suit the needs of each specific market sector. YESS is an INDEPENDENT technology, it is not tied to any energy producer / distributor. The installation of a Yess tower DOES NOT mean installing a new electricity meter.

The Yess tower charges all types of electric vehicles.
Charging devices are distinguished by shape and specifications.

Wall Box

Size 50 cm x 32 cm, power supply 3/7 KWh, with up to two plugs (car and motorcycle).


Each model has four distinct versions based on the manageable electric power: 3.7 – 7.4- 22- 50 KWh.

In addition:

Compliance with current standards (IEC61851).
Socket types: 2 MENNEKES sockets and a free SCAME.
Direct mounted or a concrete plinth ground installation.
Plug access lock security system and sockets which block when charging.
IP44 protection when plug is connected and IK10 against mechanical shocks.
Operating temperatures (-20 ° + 50 °).

Additional functions:

Built-in camera / Solar Panel
Car insurance/ managed advertising spaces


RICAMUX is an innovative charging system for EVs that reduces the initial investment in the infrastructure, electrical connection costs and related maintenance, using an intelligent and automated management of energy flows.

RICAMUX is the solution. The “charging tower” is arranged in sequence for each of the vehicles that use the connecting bar. This means five vehicles can use the electric power of a single tower.

RICAMUX is equipped with electrical sockets suitable to recharge quadricycles and electric scooters (type 3 sockets), cars with type 2 (Mennekes) sockets.

Attractive design

Exclusive features

Insured and assisted 24/7

The services are designed to facilitate a user transition from conventional fuel to the electric charging, and to assist the Recharge Point (PDR) operator. Car or electric bike owners should feel as relaxed as if they had a typical combustion vehicle without the anxiety of not finding a charging point in time or being unable to use the device. And we will do much more!

Yess App for Mobile

Interactions between user and towers via the (highly intuitive) “YESS App” mobile application with GUI user interface means receiving parking availability alerts, charge point booking, control functions and dialogue systems for the customer and operator and much more…

The Yess App User Experience enriches functionality and the “shortcuts” get users to the charging point faster.


For the operator

Supervision of the charge points
Booking management
Dashboard for when the charge is complete but parking spaces are occupied (stop area)
Cost management for when the charging cycle is completed
Business Intelligence
Statistical functions, monthly usage, billing, consumption
Tower counter (monthly data, etc.)
See “real time” images sent from the tower

For the user

Geo-location of charging towers (all)
Contactless payments and e-payment
Management and booking of parking spaces
Charging time required and charge progress indicator
Control and payment history
“Real time” vehicle inspection camera
Route calculation to reach the towers
Visibility of reservations
Recording the most used charge point
Reporting of a faulty or damaged tower
Instructions/manual to recharge and use the services

Explore the Yess world! You’ll love it.

Not only towers

The customers can use the following services

Sales and operating lease of charging devices
Invoicing to the customer
EV range: Car, Motorcycle, Bike, Golf Car, outboard motors
Installation and support throughout the country
Long term rental of electric vehicles
Vertical packages for Hotels and Companies makes your business grow!

Invest in the future


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