Yess.Energy e-mobility, Friem Group, is an innovative startup that works in the sustainable mobility world.

We produce and sale recharge stations for electrical vehicles. They are designed using different technological combinations, hardware and software, in IoT and e-charge environment.

We work hard to recharge your electrical vehicle in a simple and safe way, with intuitiveness and reliability. We also satisfy:

  • The need to extend exponentially the network of recharge points and to allow the development and the sales of electrical vehicles.
  • The growing global perception to the eco-friendly and sustainable theme (read the Paris Agreement, signed in 11/12/2015, to reduce the global emission of Co2 and greenhouse gas).
  • The attention by governments in promoting the eco-friendly theme, with registrations of electrical cars/motorbikes thanks to investments and public facilitations.

Our commitment is incessant with elements of uniqueness, such as:

  • A widespread network of technicians throughout the Italian territory
  • Extension of warranty of 5 years
  • Survey service during the pre-sales phase throughout the national territory
  • Transport and installation service
  • Mobile software suite with booking service for charging tower

Customer and reliability are at the center of our actions.

We have chosen to open a Show Room in Milan – Viale Piceno 32 – with 5 showcases for display and 65 smq of offices, with the desire to let our products touch and to fully satisfy the growing curiosities about this market of pedestrians and our B2B customers. We collaborate with energy companies and professionals who propose all Yess portfolio at national level.