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The electric guide is part of our present, and proposes all electric vehicles and plug-ins compatible with the cities and its inhabitants, offering eco-friendly mobility solutions. Either you

Sale, Financing and Rental

of the offered products

We build the formula that best suits your needs, with contracts from 24 to 84 months. With the long-term rental, for example, it will be discovered that the difference in price between an electric vehicle and its endothermic counterpart will be eliminated by the economic efficiency of the electric vehicle.

Survey throughout the national territory

We are the only ones to have the survey service throughout the Italian territory even in the pre-sale phase within 48 hours. It’s useful to size and evaluate the electrical connection works, building modifications and/or protective equipment such as platform roofs or shockproof tubulars.

Maintenance and warranty offers the ordinary and extraordinary hardware maintenance service by means of a subsidized fee including extended warranty up to 5 years on all our products.
In addition, for all customers who buy charging columns connected to the Internet, we activate the software maintenance, enabling all the software services described on the ePlus card.

The service is guaranteed throughout the Italian territory and for special cases we provide for SLA within 8 working hours.


Safety and Insurance

Safety, confidence and insurance are our most important goals.


Within the price ceiling of 5.000 euros for insurance claim and the limited for year, the company takes on responsibility of the risk of legal assistance that is necessary to safeguard the rights of the Insureds, because of an accident under warranty.


When the Insured suffers a reduction of points from his driving license, as a result of violations of traffic laws committed after the start of the insurance coverage, the Company guarantees a refund of 500/1000 euros.


The Company also offers the reimbursement of the costs of recovery and towing of the vehicle because of a traffic accident, from the place of arrest to a workshop, up to a maximum of 100 euros and for a single performance for insured vehicle and for insurance year. If the event is covered by an assistance insurance and a roadside assistance, the reimbursement is limited to the integration of what has not been paid by the other insurance company.

Web Service

For the Supervisor

Monitoring of the state of the recharge points
Monitoring of reservations
Dashboard for monitoring of the recharges and occupied car parks (stop)
Management of costs at the end of the recharge cycle
Business Intelligence*
Statistical functions, monthly data of use, invoicing, consumptions
Counter tower (monthly data)

For the final costumer

Geo-location of recharging columns
E-payment and contactless payment
Management and reservation of recharge/stop areas
Necessity recharging time and indicator of the state of the charge in progress
Necessity recharging time and indicator of the state of the charge in progress
Control and payment history
Estimate of the itinerary to reach columns
Visibility of reservations already booked
Saving the most used charging points
Advisory of faulty or damaged column
Instructions/manual on how to recharge and to draw on services

‘*’ function available from 2019

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