Organized large-scale distribution

The Yess offer consists of charging stations that can be integrated into parking areas and is dedicated to customers with electric vehicles.

In particular, has three solutions for different needs:

  • YessTower Value: 15’’ touchscreen display for video promotions
  • YessTower Vogue: Elegance and affordability
  • Rotopark: Modularity
Advertising on a touchscreen display until 15’’ where you can view text-image-video contents
Integrated security video camera
RFID player used with the personalized FIDELITY CARD
Recharge by more than 50% of battery for a stop about an hour
Possibility to personalize YessTower with graphics as you like
Any customizable accessories to make a green island dedicated to e-mobility (platform roofs, canopies, billboards)
In addition, Yess proposes to organized large-scale distribution the possibility of offering electric quadricycles/vehicles destined to its customers and employees to extend the smart mobility service. also proposes the possibility of offering electric vehicles to electric quadricycles

destined to its customers and employees to extend the smart mobility service

Long-term parking areas proposes innovative charging stations that allow to reduce costs of electrical connection and its maintenance, through an intelligent and automed management of energy flows. The advantages offered by “YessBusiness” systems are significant and concern the possibility of checking the parking state (free, busy, booked) but, especially, the drastic reduction of the initial investments for the realization of a charging station.

Airports, train stations
Long-term parking (such as for the access to business districts and city center offices areas)
Parking lots for fleets of vehicles that work during the day and are recharged at night
Interchange parking areas (Car-Metro, Car-Train)
Parking lots for Car-sharing
Parking areas of Fairs or Exhibitions and Amusement Parks where the visitor’s average stay is about one day
Company fleets (Postal services, garbage collection, pony express, pizzas or packages distribution, ecc.)
Parking areas dedicated to electric scooters
All places where the stay of the electric vehicle is more than half a day



Promote and actualize, within its environmental mission, concrete actions aimed at achieving a system of sustainable mobility both public and private
Improve the quality of life of citizens by promoting a significant change in individual and collective behaviors
Improve the quality of life of citizens by promoting a significant change in individual and collective behaviors
Improve the quality of life of citizens by promoting a significant change in individual and collective behaviors

Smart City Solution

The tower for many builders is just hardware useful for charging electric vehicles. offers to Municipality a world of opportunities in terms of efficiency, image, usefulness and costs. Yess is available to support the planning of a charging network for electric vehicles, a communication plan aimed at the promotion of municipal initiative and the personalization of “YessApp” for the smart use of e-mobility services.

Block of flats

For the recharge in residents’ spaces (such as common parking), the Smart Yess Wallbox is fitted for the user identification with a RFDI card. It also has an anti-extraction block of the connector during the recharge and a block of the socket cover. In the case of Wallbox installed in a private box, with the condominium electrical outlet, the Yess solution allows to count the electrical consumption for every single user with an automatic reading of the kW by the Administrator.

Green Hospitality

The accommodating facilities try to diversify themselves, especially for the services offered to Customers. The owners of an electric car choose the hotel where to stay based on the possibility to recharge the batteries of their vehicle. There are also facilities that make available to their customers electric Courtesy Car (with two or four wheels). It’s a race to offer the most attractive package for those who will stay there! Based on customer needs and marketing and technical analysis, Yess proposes the development of an innovative project of eco-sustainability and sociality.

HELP DESK AND MAINTENANCE offers electric mobility solutions aimed at attracting new clients, raising their standards to fully satisfy the most demanding customer.

About retrofit

“Reconversion of cars/vehicles from thermal engine to electric”

Do you have an old but fascinating vehicle which you do not want to do without?

Do you want to continue using your old minivan or van even in area C?

Do you simply want to live green, growing environmental sustainability?

The retrofit can replace the old engine with new technologies and electrical functions,

thus prolonging the useful life of your vehicle.