Axopower, a company that supplies energy to families and companies throughout Italy, offers the opportunity to purchase Yess charging stations within the several integrated services in the energy sector.

Energeko, leader in the resale of electric vehicles in Rome, is an authorized retailer of services and charging stations.


DAS, company of Generali Italia, specialized in legal protection, offers to Yess customers free legal protection up to 3 days after recharging their electric vehicle. The payment of expenses related to criminal proceedings for any traffic accidents and the reimbursement of expenses for the recovery of license points are guaranteed to the driver

Askoll Group, based in Italy, initially developed for the aquariology sector, the technology was subsequently extended to the world of home appliances, heating systems and after years of research also to the world of urban mobility, developing light and performing vehicles.

Today Nilox is one of the best-known brands in the innovative sport & outdoor technology market. It is the most known brand in 2 wheels hi-tech electric mobility. The success of DOC Hoverboard was followed by the line dedicated to skateboards and scooters.


Sara Assicurazioni is an insurance company and an Italian corporate group..

Findomestic has been active in the consumer credit sector for over 30 years, offering to its customers the possibility of financing their purchases with personal loans.

GRENKE is the partner of small and medium-sized businesses, a specialist in leasing IT equipment.