YessTower Vogue


Solid aluminum casing

RFID cards reader

3G communication / WiFi / Yess APP

YessTower Vogue is suitable for any commercial or public position. The elegant design is perfectly suited to urban centers, shopping centers, restaurants, hotels and other public parking lots.

LED bright screen

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Material resistant to acts of vandalism and to bad weather, with graphic customizations.

Dimensions YessTower Vogue: 150 x 350 x 1370 cm

Potential difference: 400 V/AC 50 Hz 32 A

Power: from to 3,7 kW to 22 kW three-phase (for charging point)

Number: 2


Type 2 (3,7 kW)

Type 2 (7,4 kW)

Type 2 (11 kW)

Type 2 (22 kW)





LCD with bright buttons and signs




Blocco prese: si

Magnetotermico: Curva D

Differenziale: 30 mA Tipo A / Tipo B (trifase)

Protezione meccanica contatti: Shutter

Grado di protezione: IP44 (EN-60529) – IK10 (IEC-60068-2-75)

Block sockets: yes

Circuit breaker: D bend

Differential: 30 mA A Type / B Type (three-phase)

Mechanical contacts protection: Shutter

Degree of protection: IP44 (EN-60529) / IK10 (IEC-60068-2-75)


Every column is constantly connected to a remote server via the internet. The remote server takes care of:

  • Authorizing the recharge
  • Managing recharge reservations by users (e.g. CO2 calculation)
  • Collect and process data sent by the columns
  • Notify, in real time, any potential malfunctions to the maintenance network
  • Notify to the users the end of a recharge by means of SMS and/or e-mail
  • Interconnected display for remote digital re-marketing activities


The user of the recharge service can activate and/or identify himself by means of:

  • RFID Tag (ISO 14443A)
  • Yess Mobile App

He can manage the payment trough:

  • RFID
  • Yess Mobile App

SW functionalities dedicated to the Managers

Visibility of all charging points with their characteristics on the main networks in the sector


Funzionalità SW dedicate per i Gestori

Visibilità di tutti i punti di ricarica con le relative caratteristiche sui principali network del settore


  • Charging socket engaged
  • User who has carried out the recharge
  • Date and time of recharge beginning
  • Duration of the recharge
  • Type of used socket
  • Supplied energy (Wh)


CEI EN 61851-1:5 – 2012

CEI EN 61851-22:3 – 2003

CEI EN 60950-1:1 – 2007 CEI EN 64-8/7

Additional information

Dimensions 400 x 400 x 1600 cm

2 Socket Type 2 (3,7 kW), 2 Socket Type 2 (7,4 kW), 2 Socket Type 2 (11 kW), 2 Socket Type 2 (22 kW)


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