, subsidiary of Friem Group, is an innovative startup in the e-mobility market.

We produce and sell charging stations for electric vehicles, combining different hardware and software IoT and e-charge technologies.

Our aim is to make the EV charging both easy and safe. Moreover, we aim at filling the following needs:

  1. Extend the charging infrastructure to promote the development and the sale of EVs.
  2. Move towards the goal of a sustainable future (check out the Paris Agreement of 11/12/2015, for the reduction of global CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases)
  3. Environmental consciousness of several governments, promoting investments and incentives in electric vehicles registration.
We have a Showroom in Milan, viale Piceno 32, with 5 shop windows and 65 square meters offices, in order to be in touch with our clients. We have partners in IT and energy management, that help us spreading our business all around the country.

At the hub of our actions  there are: the Customer and our reliability.

Company presentazion

Continuous effort with some unique elements:

  • a capillar network of technicians for the maintenance on the italian soil.
  • 5 years warranty
  • pre-sale inspection all around the italian soil
  • transport and maintenance service
  • suite software mobile with a charging reservation service