This bike is perfect to be resealable thanks to which you can walk upstairs catch the subway or the train!

The electric engine is integrated on rear wheel: it is not seen and it doesn’t disturb but you can reach 25 Km/h. The battery is inserted in a frontal aesthetic housing and It’s easy to remove it. It guarantees 70 km of autonomy with the minimum level of assistance and the life of engine is over 100.000 km.

It’s easy to close thanks to it folding handlebars. It is beautiful, strong and slim because eBfolding weighs only 19 kg and, once closed, stands on its own.

It’s ideal to move around the city but also to store in the truck to take it on vacation.

  • Pedal assisted by the engine
  • Structure folding 20”
  • Handlebars: folding with crank side closure (fixed)
  • Front/rear Led illumination
  • Special programs:
    • Accompanying mode
    • Support starting uphill

*all prices are VAT excluded



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