Thanks to the pedal assisted by the engine and the automatic transmission allows you to easily deal with overpasses, climbs and long stretches without any difficulty. It is easy to close it thanks to its central articulation and its folding handlebars. Beautiful, strong and slim, eBfolding weighs only 19 kg and, once closed, stands alone.

The ideal to move around the city with ease but also to store in the trunk and take it on vacation. It ranges from 0 to 25 km / h: the electric motor is integrated in the rear wheel: you can not see it and it does not disturb.

The battery is inserted in a frontal aesthetic housing and can be easily removed thanks to a handy handle, which allows it to be easily transported to recharge it from any electrical outlet. Guarantees 70km of autonomy with the minimum level of assistance and the life of its engine is over 100,000 km