Intelligent, attentive to savings and equipped with a lightweight structure that makes it incredibly manageable Ideal for medium distances (for those who travel more than 5 km per day), requires very little maintenance compared to a traditional scooter. eS2 is two-seater and nature welcomes it with a smile because eS2 does not emit CO2, does not release pestilent odors or disturbs with disturbing noises. With a maximum speed of 45 km / h, it is suitable for all urban routes. It also operates in restricted traffic areas open to the electric (according to municipal regulation) and has a range of 71 km.

It has 6 different shades of color (white, black, yellow, orange, red and periwinkle)

Equipped with 2 lithium ion batteries, eS2 can be easily recharged from any electrical outlet and at a cost of only 30 cents (considering the average nightly rate of 0.15 € / kWh). Just recharge it directly from the scooter or take it out of its compartment under the saddle (weighs 7.6 kg each, less than a water box) and connect it to its charger. To go from 0% to 100% of charge it takes about 3 hours, but it is not necessary to wait until it is completely discharged in order to attack it to the current or that it is totally charged to detach it.