Its even more powerful engine is ready to amaze you anywhere, from the city to the extra-urban routes. S3 is two-seater, with a maximum speed of 66 km / h, and is suitable for all urban routes. It also operates in restricted traffic areas open to the electric (according to municipal regulation) and has a range of 96 km. It has 4 different shades of color (white, black, red and gray) Equipped with 2 lithium ion batteries, eS2 can be easily recharged from any electrical outlet. To go from 0% to 100% of charge it takes about 3 hours, but it is not necessary to wait until it is completely discharged in order to attack it to the current or that it is totally charged to detach it.

S3 is equipped with a full LED lighting system that always ensures excellent visibility of the roadway. The braking system with CBS system guarantees maximum safety, in all conditions of use. The suspension, telescopic hydraulics on the front and mono shock absorber on the rear, and the big tires (80/80 16 the front and 90/80 16 the rear), allow to adapt to any path.