At the forefront of the front suspension system, they are in fact able to maintain the balance independently, allow bends of 30 degrees of angle and have a turning radius of 32.5 degrees. The total weight of this three-wheeler is 154 kg, the engine is housed inside the rear wheel, is branded Bosch, and develops a power of 1,200 W. Lithium batteries are the source of energy that moves this scooter and they develop a power of 48 V. They manage to guarantee, in a double battery configuration, a range of 70 km.

Each of the wheels is equipped with a disc brake to always guarantee maximum braking efficiency in all conditions, even in wet conditions. The headlight adopts the LED technology while the dashboard is formed by an LCD screen on which are shown the main driving functions and data on the autonomy. The time for a full charge is approximately 5 hours, while the batteries are guaranteed for 600 charging cycles.