YessDC Fast Mono 24kW

With its compact design, the YessBox DC FAST 24 can be installed in less than two hours, on the wall or on a pedestal. Its nominal output power of 24kW will load all cars typically in an hour, via its Combo 1 or 2, CHAdeMO or GB output.

Thanks to its unique design without air filter, maintenance needs are greatly reduced.

It is the ideal solution to provide fast recharge points at car dealerships, service centers or for any company vehicle or fleet. Connected to the network via OCPP1.6 protocol, updates, supervision and operation can be performed remotely in an intelligent and optimized way. Configurable up to 3 charging sockets, 2 DC sockets and 1 22kW AC socket.


Voltage: 380V-480VAC 50 / 60Hz 3 Phase (3P + N + Ground)
Nominal input current: 37A
Fuse protection of each module
Voltage: 208V-240VAC 50 / 60Hz 3 Phase (3P + Earth) Nominal input current: 65AOutput fuse diode on the power module
Voltage: 220V-240VAC 50 / 60Hz 1 or 2 Phase (2P + Earth) Current nominal input: 112AFast-acting fuses at the outlet
Power factor:> 0.99AC input and DC output relay
OUTPUTOutput overload and short circuit
Voltage: 150VDC to 530VDCExcessive temperature and temperature regulation
Current: 1.5 up to 65AOutput voltage / polarity inversion voltage
Maximum output power: 24kWCharging plug faults / communication error
ISOLATIONInsulation monitoring device on DC output
Input / PE : 1500VACGB / COMBO (1 or 2) or CHAdeMO interface
Output / PE : 2600VDCCable length : 3,5 meters
Temperature: -25 ° C up to + 50 ° C (power loss above 35 ° C)Dimensions: H 860 x W 507 x W 250 Base: H 1,533 x L 536 x W 321 Weight: 66 kg / 117 kg with base
Relative humidity: 10% up to 95%Protection level: IP 54 / Resistance: IK10