_The retrofit or the electric redevelopment is changing
car with combustion engine into electric car_

The combustion engine will be substituted by the approved kit that is composed by an electric motor with a power converter, a package of battery and a network for charging the storage battery. The batteries will be changeable with 15 and 25 cuts each.The reinstatement of the functionalities will include every parts of the vehicle also with service over time.

The retrofit market

The retrofit market is different, it is aimed at private citizen (Used or vintage cars or who has to update batteries and/or engine), for public (eco-friendly service bus). Finally, it is aimed at companies (for logistic transport, commercial and public transport with new or old frame).  The use of retrofit fits with farming machines, two wheeled vehicles, electric boats (small and medium size), jet ski, snow cat, golf cart and forklift truck.

The transformation conforms to electric vehicle, it must respect the decree of the Ministero dei Trasporti of 1° December 2015, n.219, regulating the approval and installation of “system of electric reconversion” for M1, M1G, M2, M2G, M3, M3G, N1 and N1G vehicles, therefore even for cars suitable for the transport up to 3.5 tonne.

_Yess.energy will provide a kit composed by an electric motor with a power converter, a pack of cells and an interactive touch-screen display that will give you the possibility to use charging station AC or DC with sockets mode 3 and mode 4_


The new battery will be composed by High Density Lithium-Ion Battery (Lì-Ion) technology, with high energy density, that will offer incomparable performance and reliability. The characteristic parts of the cell are possible thanks to the unique technology of production in the sector, all made in Italy. The new Battery Management System can control a big number of cells at the same time, both charge and discharge. It guarantees optimal management heat and it optimises the balancing speed and equalization between the individual parts of the 30%.


The reintegration of the functionalities will include every parts of the vehicle such as: power-train, potential difference converter, battery charger, the steering, the braking assistance, the liquid cooling system, the control units and the communication interface and also the battery of traction. It is important to pay attention to the components in the cockpit like the steering, the accelerator, the possible display, the operating keys and the gear shift, the brake pedal, the parking brake and the safety light bulbs and/or warning.


Maintenance services is constituted three different levels: standard, base and complete. They are different for the number of outputs of the specialist (from 1 to 3) and the parts in replacement fix the vehicle (standard, main and fundamental classified). Also you can be obtained the new power-train with charging system in mode 3 (fast AC) and Mode 4 (fast DC).